Risk Management

As pioneers in risk management for the staffing industry, our trainings, programs, reviews, and reports will make you safer and save you money.

Our risk management team has over 50 plus years of experience; we’re experts in keeping you safe. We’re ready to help educate, build, and monitor your risk management systems. Let our risk management team become a key component to your success.

Our focus is to keep you safe and reduce costs through the following:

  • Risk Consultation and in-person training
  • Osha 10/30 safety training
  • 52 week safety program
  • Facility safety reviews and reports

Workers Compensation

  • Accident and injury prevention through employee selection, new hire orientation, internal staff training, worksite evaluation, ongoing temporary employee training, and near-miss reporting followed by corrective action
  • ​Cost reduction once an injury takes place through thorough and prompt accident investigation, early reporting to the insurance carrier, return to work or light duty program for all injured workers, and post accident drug testing and corrective action

Employment Law

  • Staff training to recognize and immediately report any discrimination, harassment, hostile workplace, workplace violence, bullying, etc. to the Risk Mitigation Committee
  • A complaint "hotline" with direct access to the Risk Mitigation Committee, facilitating the reporting of complaints
  • Swift and thorough investigation of all complaints under the direction of the Risk Mitigation Committee
  • Swift and equitable resolution to complaints

Be safer. Save money. Ask us how.

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