Geospatial Analysis

Our geospatial analyses help you stay relevant and competitive in your current market and sets you up to succeed when you expand to new areas.

From the very moment we’re given the opportunity to work with you, we’re dedicated to your continued education and improvement. To help you stay competitive in the market you’re in or to set you up to succeed in a new area, we conduct geospatial analyses, which include:

Area analysis: To help you find the best location and access to employee pools, we provide you with detailed information (for small areas or whole cities) about demographics, unemployment, and available public transportation.

Wage analysis: To help ensure you’re offering a competitive pay rate, we provide you with detailed wage data that lays out below average, average, and above average pay rates for specific and broad job types, especially as it relates to nearby competition. This data can be for an area as large as a state or as small as a neighboring company.

Reports: We’re constantly looking for new ways to provide owners and managers with insight that can help them improve the ways they do business. We currently report on employee tracking, average hours worked by employee, employee turnover data, financial forecasting, improvement reporting, and sales and revenue tracking.

With our geospatial analyses, we can help you:

  • Circumvent problems before they arise. By going through step by step and discussing the discoveries we made, we can outline a plan to be prepared for potential problems.

  • Create a recruiting plan. Because we know where the working population lives, where other companies advertise, and where pay rates fall, we can put together recruiting activities to attract the right employees from the right areas.

  • Stay ahead of the curve with our review sessions. We take time to go over past data and geospatial analyses to predict how you can create the greatest impact, especially during challenging times. Some of the questions we might ask include: Is a competitor opening up nearby? Is the area surrounding the facility loaded with competitors who follow the same busy season? Are turnover numbers high?

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