Human Resources

We manage positive relationships between you and employees by providing outstanding services that operate within employment and labor law.

Our main responsibility is to manage positive relationships between you (the client) and employees, and to provide outstanding employment services while operating within the scope of employment and labor law. Our work is our employees—they’re our most valuable asset. Human resources exists to motivate employees to top performance and to maintain a company culture of high morale. Our services include:

  • Hiring: Our paperless applications streamline the hiring process, making it easy to handle I9s, e-verify, and electronic signatures.
  • Training
  • Providing an attractive benefits package for employees who qualify
  • Motivating and maintaining the best employees: Our HR Center gives you the resources you need to better serve employees.

Our Role with Premier’s Risk Mitigation Committee:

Human resources also works closely with Premier’s Risk Mitigation Committee to help mediate disputes within the company, whether between employees or between you and employees.

Our role with Premier’s IT:

Human resources actively works with Premier’s IT to make sure appropriate information and training is set up for all staff, to ensure that employee, customer, and employer rights are protected.

Better hiring. Better care for employees. Ask us how.

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